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  • United States Gives up on Due Process – Osama Bin Laden Executed

    The United States justice system believes in the concept of Due process, except when it comes to their political enemies it seems. On Sunday, US Special forces engaged the stronghold of al queada leader Osama Bin Laden. Officials have indicated that he received a gunshot directly to the head, rendering him dead in a significantly […]

  • Iran Detains Britons and plays the Terror Card

    For a country that is well known for defying International Communities particularly on issues of security and nuclear power, for Iran to turn around and suddenly say they are working to prevent Terrorism is highly suspicious at best. That however is exactly what Iran seems to be trying to convince the world of. Four British […]

  • 1 in 200 arrests under Anti Terror Laws had no Terrorism element laws deemed worthless

    The Terrorism Act, Section 44 gave police powers to stop and search in the name of anti-terrorism. The extent of these searches has came to light as fruitless in a review by the new home secretary. Just 1 in every 200 stops lead to an arrest, and of these, none were arrests due to terrorism […]

  • Airport: For security reasons please remove your pants.

    Security measures at airports to prevent terrorism against planes has long been criticized as being over kill. Introduction of shoe x-ray process, extra effort taken to check laptops, restriction of what may be taken on board it all serves as a waste of time. With a toilet sized container of flamable liquid onboard it is […]

  • Burn the Quran Day

    Armed with a suspicious mustache and a 0.40calibre Gun , Rev. Terry Jone is not exactly paining a particularity graceful picture for the Evangelical Church. Facing mounting pressure from Military, Political and Religious leaders to stop his plans he fears for his personal safety (hence the gun).  To no surprise, he has received Death Threats […]

  • Skeletal Scaner security ID

    X-Ray scanners at airports could soon be a thing of the past. The new system would look at the skeleton and be able to accurately identify people based on that. At as much as 50 meters away from the scanner also. In an ideal world, this  could make getting through airport security much quicker. As […]

  • Australian School of Terrorism Opens

    Who would have thought it, terrorism planning comes to schools in Australia. In Western Australia a year 10 class was given an assignment to plan an Act of Terrorism. To no surprise, this has caused an outcry of rage towards the teacher whom assigned the class this project. The principal of the school withdrew the […]

  • Ministers, Priests and Terrorist coverups

    In 1972 in  the village of Claudy, Ireland,  there were a number of IRA Terrorist attacks. Ireland has its share of problems with terrorism but who would have thought that that would go so far as to have a conspiracy involving the Government , Police and even a collaboration with the Catholic church which we […]

  • Plans to blow up Torries announced

    In 1984 at a Conservative party conference in Brighton, 5 were killed as a result of an IRA attack which saw an explosive device detonated at the hotel where the party were staying. Now the conservatives are back in power and the explosions are set to return. Counter Terrorism and security expert Patrick Mercer has […]

  • UK Ministers summoned to US Senate committe to answer charges

    The US Senators have in essence been trying to summon a duly democratically elected member of both the Scottish Parliament, and the Westminster Parliament to face charges of: Releaseing a Prisoner from a UK jail whom was found guilty in a UK Court, and banished from the UK by a UK Justice Minister. In what […]