Australian School of Terrorism Opens

Terrorist SchoolWho would have thought it, terrorism planning comes to schools in Australia. In Western Australia a year 10 class was given an assignment to plan an Act of Terrorism.

To no surprise, this has caused an outcry of rage towards the teacher whom assigned the class this project. The principal of the school withdrew the assignment as soon as he had heard of it. In this age how can any teacher think it is acceptable to ask a class , or anyone for that matter, to plan an act of terror?

One survivor of the Bali bombings in 2002 stated: “It’s something they would probably do in some radical school in Indonesia. For it to be done in the state education system is mind-blowing,”

One of the students who lost her mother in the Bali bombings had written to the teacher refusing to conduct the assignment. The insensitive work suggested by the course is to be formally investigated by state education investigators. They do however on initial review believe the school conducted itself in an appropriate way: removing the assignment and counseling the teacher on t he inappropriate and unprofessional nature of the work.

To add to the controversial coursework, Australian police have indicated that the teacher has put the students at risk of a 10 year jail term for activities relating to terrorism. The teacher should however be investigated by authorities as she was the cause the students were in good faith conducting what they presumably believed to be a legal coursework, albeit dubious.



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