Britain will not attack Syria

United Kingdom Will not attack Syria
United Kingdom Will not attack Syria

David Cameron suffered a set back in his plans to Attack Syria.

David Cameron was last night suffering from a massive defeat in the House of Commons. Having ordered MPs back for an emergency session, aimed at supporting British involvement in possible military action against the Syrian government.

There has been some harsh criticism of the government wishing to rush into Syria without learning from the last wars which we rushed into (Iraq, Afganistan).

With tensions high and to say the least the situation in the Middle East is less than clear cut, we should not be rushing in to any military action without having clear knowledge of why we’re doing it. Recently I read an article which tried to explain the middle east in a textual context. I converted this into a spiders web of a flow chart and I can assure you that from that diagram, it is most certainly not clear cut who is trying what there.

Metro, 30/08/2013.


Lewisham Hospital vs Jeremy Hunt

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in Court over Lewisham Hospital

Scales of JusticeWaking up this morning to the usual routine of finding out late about events that happened in the previous day since I no longer take public transport I often miss out on important stories. But I felt that this story was worth a mention in my blog and hopefully will be used as a first step in relaunching my blogging.

Case Expectations
I can not recall of any times when I have reported that a serving secretary of state has found himself in the High Court over a decision he has made in his position of authority.

The case in question was brought to the courts in order to protect the Lewisham hospital from being downgraded which would have left the hospital with reduction or closure of certain departments. A campaign was started in order to raise awareness of this and ultimately, enabled the court case to be brought to the High Court.

The case involving the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and Lewisham Council vs Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt and TSA Matthew Kershaw lasted for three days. It was consequently ruled that the Secretary of State did not have the backing of GP commissioners and had therefore overstepped his authority.

It is a good thing to remember that whilst they might be in a position of power in their roles in parliament, MPs are still accountable to the laws and rules and regulations and ultimately to the people. With luck this might prompt a more ethical operation from government.


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British Basketball Funding Parliamentary Debate

Basketball Hoop
Basketball Hoop

It is not too common that I am likely to write an article which has a sports related theme to it. The reason for that is that until last year I was not into sports in any real way what so ever. A year ago however I started gaining interest in Basketball.

During the last year as my interest grew in no small part to the high profile that the sport has had in the UK there has been a significant number of changes. However today and for the foreseeable future Basketball Funding has been stopped by the sport governing bodies. It is important that funding continues on the sport to ensure a strong growth platform for the years to come.

Team USA vs Team GB

This was the first live game I had experienced, right here in Manchester none the less.I went officially supporting Team USA, after all they represent the best of the best that Basketball has on offer. It was an enjoyable game and it is expected that more games are going to be coming to Manchester in the future.

The Olympics

During the Olympics there was a great interest in Basketball and some very exciting games were played. The most important of which being Team GB vs China the final of the games played at the Olympics. We won. It was the first win since 1948.

Following on from the Olympics Britain found its self coming home and being moved up 20 places on the international league. This is a massive change and reflects very well on the British Basketball team.

UK Sport and Basketball Funding

Following on from the success which shows perhaps greater promise for a national sport than any other sport including football funding was completely cut. Investment in the sport is needed to increase the profile and keep interest growing in the sport. Following on from the decision by the governing body of sport,

So with no money, how can we expect to put together a team that will win at the next Olympics?

Petition to Parliament

Our hope now is to make the MPs do something to justify their wages – “work”.

Petition to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to review Funding

Fund British Basketball


So please take the time to spread the news and equally importantly sign the above petition. With 100,000 signatures  it will be something that can be debated in the House of Commons and with that perhaps a directive from a senior government body will allow funding to take place.


Race for the White House 2013

Logo of the White HouseThe United States is voting today for the next President of the United States.

Its that time of the year when political figures desperately seek to avoid reporters uncovering their disturbing secrets and horrible tales. They start making bold political statements in order to gain support amongst the people. The run to elect the next president of the United States is in its final day – Election Day.

The latest polls are in, and most analysts are predicting that it will be quite impossible to predict the outcome of this election. Let us all watch closely, to see who takes power of the most iconic political building in the world.



Discrimination is a Right according to Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin, MEPDiscrimination OK, according to Nick Griffin

This will not be the first time I have discussed Nick Griffin, the hatred that he brings to Europe where he represents the “interests” of the United Kingdom has been brought up before. Likewise, I doubt this will be the final time he gets brought up in this context.

I read today over at our friends, the BBC, that a criminal investigation has been opened into events that occurred recently involving Nick Griffin. He posted personal details of a gay couple whom fought (and won) a case of discrimination against a christian bed and breakfast whom refused to allow them to stay at the public bed and breakfast.

In the messages on his twitter account it is said he has decided to give them a bit of drama. This does not sound like the words of someone which is seeking a peaceful demonstration. Instead it sounds like someone who seeks to cause serious harm to the couple.

Since threatening language could be considered assault in criminal laws, the position he holds as a representative of the United Kingdom should be stripped and he be replaced with immediate effect by someone more qualified to represent the interests of the United Kingdom. Moreover, facing these investigations he should be held personally liable to the costs incurred by the police forces that are investigating.

BBC News


Pentagon opens its arms to the Gay Community

The Pentagon in Washington DCPentagon is to openly welcome gay troops this month.

In Washington DC, the Pentagon is widely recognized as a major building of the US DOD. Equally well known for the source of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policies. Those polices have since been uplifted, last year.

This month the Department of Defense will be seeking to officially recognize its gay troops in the Armed forces.

This is the first event since that will be seen by many as a great leap forward for the United States, others will likely see it as a excessively long time in coming. Hopefully it will be a sign of the future of where the United States will be leading to.



It is the year of change, 2012 is here

You might have noticed that you have not seen any posts recently from me. There have been many reasons for that and but I am sure you will be happy to know that the path is set and soon will be back to its good old days.

The site has now been moved to new infrastructure and we will be fine tuning the performance over the next few weeks.


A United Country Divided against itsself cannot stand strong

June 16, 1858, Washington DC, USA: In a historically famous speech to the house of representatives of the United States, Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln issued a speech in which he declared: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. These words echo quite seamlessly into the present situation in the United Kingdom.

For the first time in over three centuries, the United Kingdom is facing the possibility of another state succeeding from the British Empire. This time however, it is a founding nation. In 1603, Queen Elizabeth I died, and in turn the Kingdom of Scotland inherited the throne of England. In 2014, the people of Scotland are likely to vote on the possibility of declaring independence from England. Just like the Americans and our fore-bearers the people of Scotland face a fight to gain that independence from the very state it acquired.

Yesterday I read in the Metro some of the neumerous comments about David Cameron and his unity with Ed Miliband over preventing the succession of Scotland from the United Kingdom. Even going so far as to declare it may be unlawfull for a nation to act in a democratic way to decide its own future.

Let us remember that the Conservative party which David Cameron represents was given just 1 seat by the Scottish people. Given then that the people of Scotland clearly do not wish to be represented by the Conservative party and surely not David Cameron is it any wonder that the possibility of succession should rise. Britain has got involved in various wars over the last few decades to bring “democracy” to those countries. With support for Afghanistan and Iraq and more recently the democratic uprising in the Arab world. Why should be be afraid of democracy coming to home. Allow the people to decide what the people want. This is what the parliament is supposed to be there for.

Europe is a great place with many countries working together towards a common good, such as abolishing slavery and bringing justice to war criminals. Even so far as to try and make national governments responsible for the financial crisis that has hit the world so badly. This was incidentally why Britain vetoed since it would have to stand up and deal with the problem instead of hoping it would go away. I have no confidence in David Cameron nor his governments ability to operate a state where the vast majority of people are voting against him. With 83.256% of Scotland voting against the Conservative party, David Cameron really needs to think twice about interfering in affairs of Scotland.

Should independence happen, we expect Scotland would return to the Scandanavian economic area. This is the area which has the worlds top democratic states: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland. Each of these states has vastly a similar population to that of Scotland. The arguments that Scotland could not survive on its own? If Norway, with less people, and not a great deal higher GDP than the estimated Scottish GDP can become the 2011 worlds best democratic state, is it hard to believe that with our slightly higher population and a vastly liberal outlook on life that Scotland could achieve the same?

Metro, Wednesday, January 11, 2012
BBC Election 2010


Independancy or Financial Assurance That is the Question.


Scottish National Party ConfrenceScottish National Party Confrence 2011.

This weekend, in Inverness delegates and interested parties of the Scottish National Party has been converging to discuss such things as party conferences discuss.

Independence Referendum

Independence is a core value of the Scottish National Party, what is not yet clear is if it is truly a core value of the Scottish People. The people are generally divided on the subject which will undoubtedly give the party a big headache in years to come. It has been decided that the referendum will be towards the end of the current government session. How they plan to address the risk of a referendum being unpopular is to introduce an additional option in the referendum; more power to Scotland.

Devo Max – Full Financial Stability.

Under the proposals, Scotland would gain complete financial controls over Scotland. From Tax to Grants everything would be controlled from Edinburgh. This is likely to gain popularity amongst those that do not nessesarily wish to see the Great Britain break up. A referendum that offers three options for such an important issue is not such a bad thing. Remember the referendum on the voting system – that did not offer three although by rights it should have, and such a referendum would likely have had a different result set.

This should even satisfy those people in England that feel it is unjustified that Scotland should spend money to give free education to Scotland (we like to have intelligent people). Of course what they do not realise is that it means the funds that would ordinarily end up in English control would cease to be shipped down in bulk to England.

BBC News | Holyrood

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Reporters Justice: why education is important.

Reporting on Justice lacks in the education to truely reflect upon the Justice

Scales of JusticeThe national press reporting on matters of justice can be misleading.

Fundemental national press should be reporting on what is happening. They should be reporting in such a way that the truth comes out. Instead however many papers are failing to do some basic research into the context of what they have reported.

UK Riots: Looter who pinched too scoops of ice-cream jailed for 16 months. – The Telegraph.

The Telegraph have reported this such that it comes across to the general population that some young kid who happened to be in the scene of riots in the UK helped himself to icecream and got sent to prison for over a year.

Anderson Fernandes, 21, wandered into Patisserie Valerie on Deansgate, Manchester, after finding the door open.” when you read it like that it sure does seem like the judge was extremely harsh in sentancing of this ice cream eating guy.


What really was the case however? That is what the press has been vague on reporting so lets get this some real context. Lets have a look at the conviction in more detail.

  • Plead Guilty: Admission to Burgalary.
  • Reported Guilty: Posession of Drugs.
  • Plead Guilty: Handeling Stolen Goods.
  • Reported Guilty: Posession of Offensive Wepoans.
  • Found Guilty of Violent Disorder (2009).
  • Guilty of breaching Community Order for above sentance.
  • Guilty of Common Assult (2010).
  • Guilty of Assult S47 (actual bodily harm) (2010).
  • Breached Community Order for above.

So when the news reports that he got sentanced to over a year in prison for stealing ice cream, an alternative way of writing it could be: The defendant who caused actual bodily harm to which he was sentanced to a community order to which he failed to do, in relation to a common assult to which he failed to complete a community order, having failed to complete a community order for violent disorder went on to handel stolen goods, drugs and steal, was sentanced to a prison sentance for failing to be brought to justice for his previous crimes.

Were you one of those people that screemed oh my god thats such a harsh sentance he shouldnt be in prison for just stealing an ice cream? What are you thinking now?


The Sun | The Telegraph | The Judiciary