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British Basketball Funding Parliamentary Debate

Basketball Hoop
Basketball Hoop

It is not too common that I am likely to write an article which has a sports related theme to it. The reason for that is that until last year I was not into sports in any real way what so ever. A year ago however I started gaining interest in Basketball.

During the last year as my interest grew in no small part to the high profile that the sport has had in the UK there has been a significant number of changes. However today and for the foreseeable future Basketball Funding has been stopped by the sport governing bodies. It is important that funding continues on the sport to ensure a strong growth platform for the years to come.

Team USA vs Team GB

This was the first live game I had experienced, right here in Manchester none the less.I went officially supporting Team USA, after all they represent the best of the best that Basketball has on offer. It was an enjoyable game and it is expected that more games are going to be coming to Manchester in the future.

The Olympics

During the Olympics there was a great interest in Basketball and some very exciting games were played. The most important of which being Team GB vs China the final of the games played at the Olympics. We won. It was the first win since 1948.

Following on from the Olympics Britain found its self coming home and being moved up 20 places on the international league. This is a massive change and reflects very well on the British Basketball team.

UK Sport and Basketball Funding

Following on from the success which shows perhaps greater promise for a national sport than any other sport including football funding was completely cut. Investment in the sport is needed to increase the profile and keep interest growing in the sport. Following on from the decision by the governing body of sport,

So with no money, how can we expect to put together a team that will win at the next Olympics?

Petition to Parliament

Our hope now is to make the MPs do something to justify their wages – “work”.

Petition to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to review Funding

Fund British Basketball


So please take the time to spread the news and equally importantly sign the above petition. With 100,000 signatures  it will be something that can be debated in the House of Commons and with that perhaps a directive from a senior government body will allow funding to take place.


Discrimination is a Right according to Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin, MEPDiscrimination OK, according to Nick Griffin

This will not be the first time I have discussed Nick Griffin, the hatred that he brings to Europe where he represents the “interests” of the United Kingdom has been brought up before. Likewise, I doubt this will be the final time he gets brought up in this context.

I read today over at our friends, the BBC, that a criminal investigation has been opened into events that occurred recently involving Nick Griffin. He posted personal details of a gay couple whom fought (and won) a case of discrimination against a christian bed and breakfast whom refused to allow them to stay at the public bed and breakfast.

In the messages on his twitter account it is said he has decided to give them a bit of drama. This does not sound like the words of someone which is seeking a peaceful demonstration. Instead it sounds like someone who seeks to cause serious harm to the couple.

Since threatening language could be considered assault in criminal laws, the position he holds as a representative of the United Kingdom should be stripped and he be replaced with immediate effect by someone more qualified to represent the interests of the United Kingdom. Moreover, facing these investigations he should be held personally liable to the costs incurred by the police forces that are investigating.

BBC News


It is the year of change, 2012 is here

You might have noticed that you have not seen any posts recently from me. There have been many reasons for that and but I am sure you will be happy to know that the path is set and soon will be back to its good old days.

The site has now been moved to new infrastructure and we will be fine tuning the performance over the next few weeks.

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Reporters Justice: why education is important.

Reporting on Justice lacks in the education to truely reflect upon the Justice

Scales of JusticeThe national press reporting on matters of justice can be misleading.

Fundemental national press should be reporting on what is happening. They should be reporting in such a way that the truth comes out. Instead however many papers are failing to do some basic research into the context of what they have reported.

UK Riots: Looter who pinched too scoops of ice-cream jailed for 16 months. – The Telegraph.

The Telegraph have reported this such that it comes across to the general population that some young kid who happened to be in the scene of riots in the UK helped himself to icecream and got sent to prison for over a year.

Anderson Fernandes, 21, wandered into Patisserie Valerie on Deansgate, Manchester, after finding the door open.” when you read it like that it sure does seem like the judge was extremely harsh in sentancing of this ice cream eating guy.


What really was the case however? That is what the press has been vague on reporting so lets get this some real context. Lets have a look at the conviction in more detail.

  • Plead Guilty: Admission to Burgalary.
  • Reported Guilty: Posession of Drugs.
  • Plead Guilty: Handeling Stolen Goods.
  • Reported Guilty: Posession of Offensive Wepoans.
  • Found Guilty of Violent Disorder (2009).
  • Guilty of breaching Community Order for above sentance.
  • Guilty of Common Assult (2010).
  • Guilty of Assult S47 (actual bodily harm) (2010).
  • Breached Community Order for above.

So when the news reports that he got sentanced to over a year in prison for stealing ice cream, an alternative way of writing it could be: The defendant who caused actual bodily harm to which he was sentanced to a community order to which he failed to do, in relation to a common assult to which he failed to complete a community order, having failed to complete a community order for violent disorder went on to handel stolen goods, drugs and steal, was sentanced to a prison sentance for failing to be brought to justice for his previous crimes.

Were you one of those people that screemed oh my god thats such a harsh sentance he shouldnt be in prison for just stealing an ice cream? What are you thinking now?


The Sun | The Telegraph | The Judiciary

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Shut down social networking to help looters: David Cameron.

David Cameron vows never to use intelligence again.

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. “- Sun Tzu

Cyber SecurityDavid Cameron has suggested that police need to have the power to shut down vital lines of communication such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The power should be used only in the event of a major incident. Naturally he is being vague as to what constitutes a major incident.

These plans are very disturbing, the amount of information which can be gathered through these channels is extensive. For a prime minister to suggest cutting off communications and vital intelligence gathering channels is worrying.

The path he sees before us is a worrying one. It starts with limitation of communication and free speech and ends in 1984.

Social Networking Is actively used for Crime Prevention

What the prime minister needs to realize is that whilst it may be used for organizing criminal activity, it is also a channel that should be used by the intelligence services to protect the civilian population.

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Manchester Riots: Shop A Looter

Manchester Riots : Shop A Looter – The Clean up of the City.

Manchester RiotsManchester Riots have caused problems for business and people in general. The behaviour of the looters have been completely unacceptable and without any meaning full purpose. They have been seeking things that they want but do not want to pay for it.

Early reports indicated that in Manchester city center in the region of 200 looters were causing trouble on Tuesday. Early on Wednesday whilst we were settling down for a meeting with a client, sky news was revealing that in the region of 113 people from that had already been arrested.

Greater Manchester Police have launched a name and shame type campaign. It is called Shop A Looter.

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America UK Relationship: Why must we be like America?

That ‘Special Relationship’ is back this time backed by David Cameron.

David Cameron British Prime MinisterPoliticians always refer to the United Kingdom’s alliance with the United States, which the population mostly views as a master and slave relationship is back on the tables.

Having a look at the track record of the United States do we really want to be emulating their ways?

With the riots of the last week, can you imagine how scary it would be if on every corner there was a “god given right to own a gun”?

Police have arrested literally hundreds of people how many could they have arrested if they were all armed? How deadly would the conflicts be?

We seriously need to take a step back and consider is the relationship with the United States government really what we want?

American to Take Control of the Police

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UK Riots: Iran wants to send Human Rights convoy to Monitor

United NationsAnti Western Government uses UK Riots for political propaganda.

The Iranian president has made a statement that is clearly a political propaganda move. He has accused the United Nations, and Human Rights organisations of being silent over the Riots that we have seen in the UK over the last week.

This coming from a man who has little or no respect for either the United Nations, or Human Rights is clearly outrageous.

He went so far as to suggest that an Iranian Human Rights delegation be sent to the United Kingdom to ‘monitor’ the situation. Clearly this is an unacceptable consideration. Until the Iranian government learns to accept the democratic ways, and respect that Human Rights are  of paramount priority over politics, they should be sanctioned away for the good of the human race.

People in the UK need to be patient as the justice system copes with the huge influx of criminals. The courts will have to separate out those who were caught in the middle of the troubles from those that were active. Justice will come in time and those responsible for the atrocious activities.


Ofgem rules unfavourablly towards British Gas

£2.5 Million Fine for British Gas’ treatment of customers.

British Gas fined by ofgemBritish gas has been fined by the energy industrial regulator, Ofgem over their treatment of customer complaints. It comes as no surprise to me being a long standing complainer towards British Gas over our treatment. After a year of being told we cant leave British Gas in such traditional anti-competitive ways that British Gas trades, Ofgem was bound to get involved sooner or later.

Complaints Procedures

British Gas has in the eyes of the regulator failed to put into effect adequate complaint procedures. This includes the total lack of a complaint procedure for small business. It also includes not reviewing complaints despite customers advising that the complaint had not been resolved.

British Gas has long been in the energy business so you would think they would by now have been able to process customer complaints in a sensible fashion. They have been found guilty

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British government united: War Declared.

Lib Dems, Tories and Labour unite in government. British government has declared war.
UK Goverment

Recently I mentioned that Rupert Murdoch was a somewhat hated person. It seems that that much has been confirmed. In a very rare occasion, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and even Labour have came to an agreement.

The unification of the three parties in a vote in the House of Commons against him could be a symbol that change is starting to come to parliament. Then again, Ed Miliband was quoted as saying “There are times when the house of Commons has got to rise to the occasion and speak for the public“.  If this comes as a new revelation to him then that is very worrying, what does he think the house of commons should be doing during the rest of the week?

It is equally worrying that the unification of the parties in question took a personal attack in the form of the phone hacking before it got any weight. Gordon Brown being the latest victim, does this mean he still has some weight in parliament (of the political kind of weight that is).

MPs Inquiry