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  • Meta Facing Huge Privacy Fines

    In the run up to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), myself and others were faced with the challenges of bringing systems into line. The industry was facing one of the biggest changes it had faced for personal data protection in many years. GDPR allows the authorities to fine companies significantly for breaches of data processing […]

  • British Basketball Funding Parliamentary Debate

    It is not too common that I am likely to write an article which has a sports related theme to it. The reason for that is that until last year I was not into sports in any real way what so ever. A year ago however I started gaining interest in Basketball. During the last […]

  • Discrimination is a Right according to Nick Griffin

    Discrimination OK, according to Nick Griffin This will not be the first time I have discussed Nick Griffin, the hatred that he brings to Europe where he represents the “interests” of the United Kingdom has been brought up before. Likewise, I doubt this will be the final time he gets brought up in this context. […]

  • It is the year of change, 2012 is here

    You might have noticed that you have not seen any posts recently from me. There have been many reasons for that and but I am sure you will be happy to know that the path is set and soon will be back to its good old days. The site has now been moved to […]

  • Reporters Justice: why education is important.

    Reporting on Justice lacks in the education to truely reflect upon the Justice The national press reporting on matters of justice can be misleading. Fundemental national press should be reporting on what is happening. They should be reporting in such a way that the truth comes out. Instead however many papers are failing to do […]

  • Shut down social networking to help looters: David Cameron.

    David Cameron vows never to use intelligence again. “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. “- Sun Tzu David Cameron has suggested that police need to have the power to shut down vital lines of communication such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The power should be used only in the event […]

  • Manchester Riots: Shop A Looter

    Manchester Riots : Shop A Looter – The Clean up of the City. Manchester Riots have caused problems for business and people in general. The behaviour of the looters have been completely unacceptable and without any meaning full purpose. They have been seeking things that they want but do not want to pay for it. […]

  • America UK Relationship: Why must we be like America?

    That ‘Special Relationship’ is back this time backed by David Cameron. Politicians always refer to the United Kingdom’s alliance with the United States, which the population mostly views as a master and slave relationship is back on the tables. Having a look at the track record of the United States do we really want to […]

  • UK Riots: Iran wants to send Human Rights convoy to Monitor

    Anti Western Government uses UK Riots for political propaganda. The Iranian president has made a statement that is clearly a political propaganda move. He has accused the United Nations, and Human Rights organisations of being silent over the Riots that we have seen in the UK over the last week. This coming from a man […]

  • Ofgem rules unfavourablly towards British Gas

    £2.5 Million Fine for British Gas’ treatment of customers. British gas has been fined by the energy industrial regulator, Ofgem over their treatment of customer complaints. It comes as no surprise to me being a long standing complainer towards British Gas over our treatment. After a year of being told we cant leave British Gas […]