Reporters Justice: why education is important.

Reporting on Justice lacks in the education to truely reflect upon the Justice

Scales of JusticeThe national press reporting on matters of justice can be misleading.

Fundemental national press should be reporting on what is happening. They should be reporting in such a way that the truth comes out. Instead however many papers are failing to do some basic research into the context of what they have reported.

UK Riots: Looter who pinched too scoops of ice-cream jailed for 16 months. – The Telegraph.

The Telegraph have reported this such that it comes across to the general population that some young kid who happened to be in the scene of riots in the UK helped himself to icecream and got sent to prison for over a year.

Anderson Fernandes, 21, wandered into Patisserie Valerie on Deansgate, Manchester, after finding the door open.” when you read it like that it sure does seem like the judge was extremely harsh in sentancing of this ice cream eating guy.


What really was the case however? That is what the press has been vague on reporting so lets get this some real context. Lets have a look at the conviction in more detail.

  • Plead Guilty: Admission to Burgalary.
  • Reported Guilty: Posession of Drugs.
  • Plead Guilty: Handeling Stolen Goods.
  • Reported Guilty: Posession of Offensive Wepoans.
  • Found Guilty of Violent Disorder (2009).
  • Guilty of breaching Community Order for above sentance.
  • Guilty of Common Assult (2010).
  • Guilty of Assult S47 (actual bodily harm) (2010).
  • Breached Community Order for above.

So when the news reports that he got sentanced to over a year in prison for stealing ice cream, an alternative way of writing it could be: The defendant who caused actual bodily harm to which he was sentanced to a community order to which he failed to do, in relation to a common assult to which he failed to complete a community order, having failed to complete a community order for violent disorder went on to handel stolen goods, drugs and steal, was sentanced to a prison sentance for failing to be brought to justice for his previous crimes.

Were you one of those people that screemed oh my god thats such a harsh sentance he shouldnt be in prison for just stealing an ice cream? What are you thinking now?


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