British Basketball Funding Parliamentary Debate

Basketball Hoop
Basketball Hoop

It is not too common that I am likely to write an article which has a sports related theme to it. The reason for that is that until last year I was not into sports in any real way what so ever. A year ago however I started gaining interest in Basketball.

During the last year as my interest grew in no small part to the high profile that the sport has had in the UK there has been a significant number of changes. However today and for the foreseeable future Basketball Funding has been stopped by the sport governing bodies. It is important that funding continues on the sport to ensure a strong growth platform for the years to come.

Team USA vs Team GB

This was the first live game I had experienced, right here in Manchester none the less.I went officially supporting Team USA, after all they represent the best of the best that Basketball has on offer. It was an enjoyable game and it is expected that more games are going to be coming to Manchester in the future.

The Olympics

During the Olympics there was a great interest in Basketball and some very exciting games were played. The most important of which being Team GB vs China the final of the games played at the Olympics. We won. It was the first win since 1948.

Following on from the Olympics Britain found its self coming home and being moved up 20 places on the international league. This is a massive change and reflects very well on the British Basketball team.

UK Sport and Basketball Funding

Following on from the success which shows perhaps greater promise for a national sport than any other sport including football funding was completely cut. Investment in the sport is needed to increase the profile and keep interest growing in the sport. Following on from the decision by the governing body of sport,

So with no money, how can we expect to put together a team that will win at the next Olympics?

Petition to Parliament

Our hope now is to make the MPs do something to justify their wages – “work”.

Petition to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to review Funding

Fund British Basketball


So please take the time to spread the news and equally importantly sign the above petition. With 100,000 signatures  it will be something that can be debated in the House of Commons and with that perhaps a directive from a senior government body will allow funding to take place.


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