Britain will not attack Syria

David Cameron suffered a set back in his plans to Attack Syria. David Cameron was last night suffering from a massive defeat in the House of Commons. Having ordered MPs back for an emergency session, aimed at supporting British involvement in possible military action against the Syrian government. There has been some harsh criticism of […]

A United Country Divided against itsself cannot stand strong

June 16, 1858, Washington DC, USA: In a historically famous speech to the house of representatives of the United States, Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln issued a speech in which he declared: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. These words echo quite seamlessly into the present situation in the United Kingdom. For the first time […]

Independancy or Financial Assurance That is the Question.

  Scottish National Party Confrence 2011. This weekend, in Inverness delegates and interested parties of the Scottish National Party has been converging to discuss such things as party conferences discuss. Independence Referendum Independence is a core value of the Scottish National Party, what is not yet clear is if it is truly a core value […]

Reporters Justice: why education is important.

Reporting on Justice lacks in the education to truely reflect upon the Justice The national press reporting on matters of justice can be misleading. Fundemental national press should be reporting on what is happening. They should be reporting in such a way that the truth comes out. Instead however many papers are failing to do […]

Shut down social networking to help looters: David Cameron.

David Cameron vows never to use intelligence again. “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. “- Sun Tzu David Cameron has suggested that police need to have the power to shut down vital lines of communication such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The power should be used only in the event […]

Manchester Riots: Shop A Looter

Manchester Riots : Shop A Looter – The Clean up of the City. Manchester Riots have caused problems for business and people in general. The behaviour of the looters have been completely unacceptable and without any meaning full purpose. They have been seeking things that they want but do not want to pay for it. […]