Discrimination is a Right according to Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin, MEPDiscrimination OK, according to Nick Griffin

This will not be the first time I have discussed Nick Griffin, the hatred that he brings to Europe where he represents the “interests” of the United Kingdom has been brought up before. Likewise, I doubt this will be the final time he gets brought up in this context.

I read today over at our friends, the BBC, that a criminal investigation has been opened into events that occurred recently involving Nick Griffin. He posted personal details of a gay couple whom fought (and won) a case of discrimination against a christian bed and breakfast whom refused to allow them to stay at the public bed and breakfast.

In the messages on his twitter account it is said he has decided to give them a bit of drama. This does not sound like the words of someone which is seeking a peaceful demonstration. Instead it sounds like someone who seeks to cause serious harm to the couple.

Since threatening language could be considered assault in criminal laws, the position he holds as a representative of the United Kingdom should be stripped and he be replaced with immediate effect by someone more qualified to represent the interests of the United Kingdom. Moreover, facing these investigations he should be held personally liable to the costs incurred by the police forces that are investigating.

BBC News

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