The Rawanda Bill is Dead

With the United Kingdom general election counted and all constituencies announced. Labour have managed to acheive a clear victory with 411 of the 650 seats of parliament.

The new administration has got straight to work with Kier declaring that the controversial Rawanda Plan is “dead and buried”. The previous administration flag ship policy has been plagued with problems for the entire duration it has been kicking around for.

In a letter by Sir Matthew Rycroft of the Home Office it was revealed that three payments have already been made on the scheme:

  • £120 million through an Economic Transformation and Integration Fund (ETIF) (2022-2023)
  • £20 million to support relocation of individuals under the scheme
  • £100 million Economic Transformation and Integration Fund (2023-2024)

In addition to that, in the 2024-2025 time frame, an additional £50 million was declared as expected.

So now that the scheme is scrapped the new goverment has effectively saved £50 million on the first day on the job.


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