United States Gives up on Due Process – Osama Bin Laden Executed

Osamba Bin Laden Wanted Poster marked as DeceasedThe United States justice system believes in the concept of Due process, except when it comes to their political enemies it seems. On Sunday, US Special forces engaged the stronghold of al queada leader Osama Bin Laden.

Officials have indicated that he received a gunshot directly to the head, rendering him dead in a significantly mafia style execution. President Obama has revealed that “no Americans were harmed” in the operation. It has also been revealed that he has been buried at sea in order to prevent his burial tomb becoming a shrine of martyrdom or perhaps to prevent any further coroner investigating to find an unlawful death. The burial occurred in accordance with Islamic believes for burial within 24 hours of death leaving a lot of suspicion open to the conduct of the United States Special Forces which conducted the operation.

A woman who was used as a shield was apparently killed in the incident as well, leaving the United States open to the possibility that their forces have acted against international law. The attack was conducted in a rapid motion with a mere 40 minutes from engagement to Osama Bin Laden being shot dead in the head. This sounds suspiciously like a revenge strike rather than a professional military strike intent on brining a terrorist to face his justice. Former president George W Bush has announced that the result is a “momentous achievement” [which he could not achieve].

Despite the likelyhood that the US conducted itsself in an unlawful way , a definate mood of celebration can be felt in the air. No one is sad about the miss justice carried out, in fact it seems quite the oppisite. The Stock market has gained a huge boast in response to the annoucement of the death. The US, Japanese, and European Stock exchanges have all seen a huge boast. The Dollar has rebounded from a three year low and the Japanese seen an average of 10,000 jump.

Experts believe this may be a short term thing however, as the United States has put all its world wide embassies on alert in fear of retaliatory attacks in response to the death.

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  1. Unlawful?

    A terrorist is dead. A terrorist who is responsible – by his own account – of the deaths of 3000 or so in the 9/11 attacks. Personally I couldn’t give less of a shit how he was killed, or whether it meets some panty-waist lefty’s worldview of what a military strike should be, just that he was killed as a small measure of payback.

    Please don’t breed. We have enough libtards walking the planet already.

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