Skeletal Scaner security ID

X Ray Scanner X-Ray scanners at airports could soon be a thing of the past. The new system would look at the skeleton and be able to accurately identify people based on that. At as much as 50 meters away from the scanner also. In an ideal world, this  could make getting through airport security much quicker. As you enter the building, you would be cleared for access through the security gates.

There is some problems with this approach however. Data Security, our government has certainly shown it cannot be trusted with personal information so can we really trust them with a database of people’s skeletons? It could even be said that this would be an invasion of privacy. The system would identify in depth bone issues such as broken bones and fractures, thickness of the bone.

The other issue that is likely to prevent this  kind of system replacing XRay at airport is the fact that the information must already be on record in order to establish if a person is trustworthy of airport access. Conducting a worldwide database of full body scans will be near on impossible. It would be like the DNA Database kept by the police which has aroused many concerns in the past.

Well, I am going to go and buy some shares in the Tin Foil industry.

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