Quantum Security Breach

Photo representing Quantum WorldThe world of quantum physics has been involved in the world of security. However a security breach is possible. Researchers have spent probably a huge portion of their time experimenting on techniques to be able to publish a paper indicating a vulnerability in a Quantum Cryptographic system.

They in essence have shown it is possible to hack into highly encrypted data. The principles of Quantum Physics which are used in quantum cryptography relies upon the Heisenberg principle. whereby looking at the data in essence actually alters its behaviour which could be used to identify a security breach or corruption of data in transit.

The technology of quantum cryptography uses fiber optic in order to transmit data. This being the weakest point in the system. Using laser signals the researchers were able to intercept and confuse the receivers when the signal reached it. Given the nature of fiber optic networking however I am not sure that this is a security risk that is overly likely to occur. Damage caused to fiber optic cables in order to send a laser signal in could corrupt data in its own right, and at the least is likely to have a negative impact on network performance. This would lead to the discovery of the hooked up equipment used for interception.



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