Gordon Brown to become a Saint

Gordon Brown freshly out of screwing up the economy and Labour party wants to become a Saint now. It is quite a promotion I’d say.

Freshly criticized by Tony Blair in his memoirs, he is attempting to put away the image of being the evil man that no one wanted and no one could get rid of. He has made announcements to do a number of charitable projects without pay. Of course, given that his salary is huge as it is and his interest payments probably equally high so its not exactly like he’s doing great efforts he can afford to not be paid!

Gordon BrownAmongst many accusations, Gordon Brown has been accused most prominently by Tony Blair accusations range from blackmail to having no emotional intelligence. These seem to be entirely accurate accusations given what he looks like.

His activities will be paid for by a number of speaking appointments and the couple will setup a office by the highly original name of : The Office of Gordon Brown and Sarah Brown. Just a testament to the former prime ministers skills as a innovative and creative leader.

Scarily, Gordon Brown accepted a position on the World Wide Web Foundation. This is deeply concerning as untill now I thought only competent people would get involved in organizations like that.

I wonder if his newly setup office will be ran from his home so he can claim expenses against it on his official MP tab ?


The Guardian

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