Blair: It was Gordon Browns Fault

Tony Blair ImageWith a slight hint of blame, former prime minister Tony Blair has pointed at Gordon Brown as the reason Labour was defeated in the General Election. I cant say i disagree however, Gordon Browns leadership was perhaps the worst time as prime minister in the history of UK politics.

Particularly blaming Gordon Brown’s failure to stand by New Labour policies in an attempt to take Labour back to the old days before they won their landslide election. His criticism of this also could be seen to infer a support of David Miliband as the future party leader. He does not however go so far as to officially support either candidates.

Keeping Gordon Brown under control as he was unable to make him disappear Tony Blair found himself turning into an alcoholic with Whisky, Gin and Tonic for pre dinner followed by several wines for dinner.

He says getting rid of Mr Brown would have been impossible but agrees that it should have been done. I am sure that many would agree with that assessment. At least however he got the job because no one else actually wanted it a fact that Gordon Brown will undoubtedly be reminded of by his critiques at any opportunity.

The Scotsman

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