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  • Bickering within Labour shows they are not ready to lead

    Bickering within Labour shows they are not ready to lead

    Like children throwing a tantrum in a super market when their mothers are not prepared to buy them the chocolate bar they want, David and Ed Miliband have shown that the labour party is not yet ready to take on the serious issues of attempting to form a opposition party that will get rid of […]

  • What has Labour done for you?

    In my past articles I covered the Liberals and Conservatives (albeit with what little good points they have) it would be unfair not to give Labour their day in the spotlight. Writing in the Mirror, Fiona Philips kicks off a similar concept with the National Minimum Wage. You might be surprised that I am not […]

  • But a shadow of a real cabinet.

    Today sees the beginning of labour as an opposition – many weeks after the General Election that saw them thrown from the real cabinet, Labour has decided who shall be the Shadow Cabinet. Ed Miliband has given some surprise twists to the fate of the MPs most likely to take on key positions by, not […]

  • Darling quits leaving stark warning about deficit

    He served under Gordon Brown as the Chancellor, now they are in opposition however he wants to wipe his hands clean of the problem. Leaving behind a financial disaster for the UK, Darling has warned the Labour party that they cant just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Instead they must deal with […]

  • Manchester: Concrete Blocks, Yellow Barriers and an army of uniforms but we got in anyway.

    Its Saturday and for the ordinary citizen heading to enjoy a well earned end of the week Caramel Latte at Starbucks, you would be forgiven for thinking that following the road and passing metal detecting style arches, huge concrete blocks surrounded by metal walls and bright yellow solid steel barriers protected by heavy numbers of […]

  • No discount for ID Card Trial Holders

    In parliament on Wednesday discussions took place about the concept of compensating the few people whom bought an ID Card under Labours terrible ID Card plans. The minister responsible for heading up the scheme proposed a discount of future purchase of a passport to ID Card Holders. However widespread opposition to the proposals have seen […]

  • Blair: It was Gordon Browns Fault

    With a slight hint of blame, former prime minister Tony Blair has pointed at Gordon Brown as the reason Labour was defeated in the General Election. I cant say i disagree however, Gordon Browns leadership was perhaps the worst time as prime minister in the history of UK politics. Particularly blaming Gordon Brown’s failure to […]

  • Leadership with no followers?

    It has been some time since the General Election and the subsequent resignation of former prime minister Gordon Brown. The labour party however is once again preparing a leadership campaign where the people have no input on whom should be the leader and a potential future prime minister. Lord Mandelson has critisized the young Miliband […]