Manchester: Concrete Blocks, Yellow Barriers and an army of uniforms but we got in anyway.

Road Block Its Saturday and for the ordinary citizen heading to enjoy a well earned end of the week Caramel Latte at Starbucks, you would be forgiven for thinking that following the road and passing metal detecting style arches, huge concrete blocks surrounded by metal walls and bright yellow solid steel barriers protected by heavy numbers of police officers for thinking you’d entered a war zone.

However that is the scene today (and for the rest of the week) in Manchester City Center. You see the Labour party and going by what we saw, in its entirety, is here for the annual Labour Conference 2010.

They have setup just around the corner from my office as a matter of fact. The problem will really be on Monday for today I passed through simply for my desire to have a coffee to pass the time waiting for my train home. Unfortunately it also turns out it was about the same time as the end of the events of the day. On Monday the conference gets properly started.

Will new labour have anything worth offering? Today has seen them unveil their new leader in the form of Ed Miliband, who won the labour leadership post on the final round of votes wining by just 1.3%.

In his victory speech he encourages young people to zombie-like convert to the labour party – I’d rather they didn’t however.ed-miliband Despite his claim that a “new generation” is in control of Labour now, at 41 he certainly isn’t a huge leap of from his predecessor. Many have lost faith in our political system and although the government is trying to shift that trend with the clean up of politics it has a long way to go. Perhaps the time to see the rise of a new party in politics is upon us.

A party that is prepared to be connected with the people too often I have seen MPs being critizied for not understanding whats going on at the level of the peasants they have lost touch with reality. I  should expect that if I had decided to run for a political movement many actions would be taken such as reducing significantly the wages of the political figures, increase the minimum wage and setup the UK as a more neutral state we neither have the time nor inclination to deal with war on multiple fronts.

Has anyone else noticed how in almost every picture of him, he has a certain confused and distracted or otherwise distant and not content with reality sort of look to him? I don’t know if he can be trusted but I guess time will let the Labour party decide that themselves. Good luck to him in his new job, something tells me hes going to need it.

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