Bickering within Labour shows they are not ready to lead

Like children throwing a tantrum in a super market when their mothers are not prepared to buy them the chocolate bar they want, David and Ed Miliband have shown that the labour party is not yet ready to take on the serious issues of attempting to form a opposition party that will get rid of […]

Manchester: Concrete Blocks, Yellow Barriers and an army of uniforms but we got in anyway.

Its Saturday and for the ordinary citizen heading to enjoy a well earned end of the week Caramel Latte at Starbucks, you would be forgiven for thinking that following the road and passing metal detecting style arches, huge concrete blocks surrounded by metal walls and bright yellow solid steel barriers protected by heavy numbers of […]

Leadership with no followers?

It has been some time since the General Election and the subsequent resignation of former prime minister Gordon Brown. The labour party however is once again preparing a leadership campaign where the people have no input on whom should be the leader and a potential future prime minister. Lord Mandelson has critisized the young Miliband […]