No discount for ID Card Trial Holders

ID Card for Mr ElephantIn parliament on Wednesday discussions took place about the concept of compensating the few people whom bought an ID Card under Labours terrible ID Card plans. The minister responsible for heading up the scheme proposed a discount of future purchase of a passport to ID Card Holders.

However widespread opposition to the proposals have seen the concept rejected. Every party other than labour made it clear the intention was to scrap the scheme if they came to power. Now that has been done, and government wants to destroy the data collected under the ID Card scheme within two months. Consequently, they will be unable to offer such a discount as the data will not be on record to inform Passport agencies of the eligibility for a discount.

I must agree with the Government policy on this one buy into a trial of a contreversial program and you have to understand the consequencies of it – it could go down the drain as was the case here. I once bought shares in a newly floated company on the AIM exchange and it collapsed I cant exactly expect a discount on my next set of shares now can I?

Really does bring in to question the competency of the department that overseen the program having an unlimited budget they spent £330 Million and did not even manage to come close to a percent of that from the scheme. They would have required at least 1/6Th of the population of the UK to sign up to come close to breaking even – and that doesn’t take into account the on-going costs of maintaining the system.

One protester against the system suggested buying one as a memorabilia for the success against the system.

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