Girl banned from Internet after 21K Party invite

Facebook PictureIn what many would see as a comical party invite, a young girl has managed to generate a 21,000 guest list by inviting people to her birthday party on facebook.

The young girl had not understood the privacy settings on the site causing her to generate an open public event instead of a private one for her friends. Her mother had allowed her to invite 15 people so they got slightly more than they bargained for.

Her mother in classic bad parenting style has removed her access to the internet so she cant make the mistake again. Is that really learning if you are unable to make the mistake again you’ll never learn from the previous mistake.

The 21,000 or so attendees would nearly double the town’s population and consequently the police have stepped up operations in the area to prevent any trouble occurring should any of the attendees turn up – the address was detailed in the public event.The event has since been deleted to prevent any more people coming.

The Telegraph


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