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Facebook and how you can use it to make money

How to use Facebook to Make Money

Facebook PictureFacebook is big, Facebook is popular and Facebook is something you should be thinking about if you want to generate money.

They say that finding new customers is hard, and I can sympathies with that feeling. However in the case of social networking, facebook appears to be doing very well for itsself. Considering that they have managed to build a commercial success around what is essentially a brain dump onto a website is very impressive.

As a company however, why should you want to ignore Facebook? Would you ignore Google in your marketing strategy? I didn’t think so.

Statistics speak for them self, around 250 million people are logged into Facebook in any given day. With around 500million users considered to be active. As a business you want to make use of this huge amount of users. But you dont know how to go about it do you?

Facebook Pages

Lets get started by setting up a Facebook page. You need to set up one if you have not already. This is certainly the first place to start your Facebook marketing strategy from.  This is the starting point, you should be actively marketing it – have staff posting on it, link from your existing website to it. “like” it and share it.

Generating Likes

The key to developing a commercial strategy on Facebook is to have fans that like your products. Putting your products onto Facebook is important and there are a number of strategies that can be done to make this happen. E-Commerce developers can develop your website so that products are integrated to Facebook. You could even have your own full shop in place.  Integrating a shop into Facebook allows you to start accepting Facebook Credits as a payment method.

Custom Landing Page

Why not consider setting up a custom landing page? Redbull and Coca Cola have done it and done it rather well. Your custom page would make you stand out from that of your competitors.

Special Offers

Promote on Facebook only special discounts Dominos are very good at doing this giving special offers which are larger than through other channels.

What you can get out of it is that with an average user having 100 friends, if they comment on your special offer, or share it, and we assume that you have generated 100 fans of your page, then that a huge 10000 people are going to see your product or service. How much would it cost you to send a mail shot to 10,000 people daily? I’d wager it’ll cost more than spending a good few hours setting up a good Facebook campaign.

Employing this strategy will see a growth in your business, an inactive Facebook account has reportedly generated some of the big firms 60K site visits a month. Becoming active they could easily see that figure double.

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Jurors sent to prison for using Internet in Trials

Scales of JusticeIn cases where a defendant is tried by jury, each juror is expected to uphold the laws of the country as part of their service, they are expected to remain impartial and act on the evidence presented within the trial. Anonymity within the process is essential to a fair trial.  If Jurors are feeling threatened by the possibility of a retribution attack by the defendant if the are found guilty, then individual jurors are liekly to vote in favour of a not guilty verdict. The result being that a a criminal may walk free.

Thats exactly whats happened, and not for the first time because of Jurors take the law into their own hand and start investigating the details of the crime, or discussing it with others.

During a recent case, Joanne Fraill has discussed the deliberations of the jury with the Defendant on Facebook. It earned her a reputation for destroying a multi-million pound drug case and a prison sentence, being convicted for contempt of court. It seems to be a worrying trend that jurors in the age of the internet are not taking their responsibilities and duties seriously.

GuardianGuardian (2)


Girl banned from Internet after 21K Party invite

Facebook PictureIn what many would see as a comical party invite, a young girl has managed to generate a 21,000 guest list by inviting people to her birthday party on facebook.

The young girl had not understood the privacy settings on the site causing her to generate an open public event instead of a private one for her friends. Her mother had allowed her to invite 15 people so they got slightly more than they bargained for.

Her mother in classic bad parenting style has removed her access to the internet so she cant make the mistake again. Is that really learning if you are unable to make the mistake again you’ll never learn from the previous mistake.

The 21,000 or so attendees would nearly double the town’s population and consequently the police have stepped up operations in the area to prevent any trouble occurring should any of the attendees turn up – the address was detailed in the public event.The event has since been deleted to prevent any more people coming.

The Telegraph


Cant get onto Facebook, perhaps your on orange?

Facebook Picture Reports of troubles accessing Facebook by Orange Mobile customers suggest that Facebook has started to ban a significant a mount of IPs from the Orange ISP IP Pool. This highlights the problems associated with using IP as a means to block trouble makers – quite often the IP used belongs to others not just the abuser.

The general user base showing ignorance of the technical abilities of the two companies have already been complaining to Orange. Yet quite clearly Facebook is the one with the power to block access to its site by IP.

The two companies are however working together to hopefully restore connectivity to the service.


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Facebook Places in the UK

Facebook PictureFacebooks latest extension is launching over the next few days here in the UK. The Places technology was put online on the US Facebook site about a month ago. They must be happy with the performance with it to decide to expand already to other markets.Moreover, the service from today will be available to the rest of Europe

Designed to support businesses for example allowing Facebook users to check in at restaurants and seems to support tracking of users geographically so you can even tell if your friends are nearby! How spokey. As always with Facebook, when users check in , it’ll post into their feed and the relevant location’s recent activity. In addition to whats already been added it will be possible to add new establishments that are not already on the selection.

From my browser, the service doesnt seem all that powerful, its really like clicking and typing in your normal status update feild. Perhaps on smart phones wtih GPS or the iPhone app, the location management can be a little more automatic then at least it would serve some kind of purpose.

The Telegraph


Google attacks Skype

Google Phone Service Google has decided to expand their portfolio again. Instead of purchasing the competition like they usually do they are just completing directly. Rivals Skype with their online calling capabilities are facing competition from the newly launched Google Phone service.

From your google mail account you can now place phone calls. Some industry analysts have questioned Googles motives. It allows for calling  from your email account whilst away from the computer. I guess then this means google have essentially made a mobile phone email client that can make phone calls. I am not sure there is a benefit from this other than competing directly with Skype. You wont be saving money on your phone plan as you’ll need to be connected to the phone network in the first place to access your email account. has also looked at this and they concluded that Google is aiming to attack Facebook instead of Skype. Given that consumers will be logged into their email accounts permanently allowing consumers to be tracked by Google.  Whenever Google goes after something  they do seem to manage to pull it off so perhaps they are going after both telecommunications and Facebook but perhaps not in the same go. For now, I shall presume that this is targeting Internet Calls more than Social Networking. Whatever google’s motives are free calls albeit in the US and Canada only but wiht plans to expand outwards can be a good thing.



Bank of Google to open soon

Piggy BankGoogle as we all know are planning something big. But in the latest acquisition it could reveal a lot about the company plans. Google has already been dabbling in the financial industries market in the form of Google Checkout. A service which is proving popular with new business looking to start accepting cards for their websites at a fairly low cost.

Jambool is a virtual currency service allowing developers to provide monetary services in virtual environments. Their product goes by the name of Social Gold reflecting on the social networking aspect of their services.

Linden Labs use the service and are most known for being behind Second Life. Many popular Facebook applications such as Farmville use virtual money allowing you to purchase virtual goods such as upgrades. The general idea is that consumers purchase with real money virtual monies. Which google can certainly add that functionality to!

Industrial analysts predict that the social games market is to reach $835 Million by the end of the year. Why people spend this kind of money on online games is beyond me. In the meantime I’m off to play a game. 🙂