Facebook and how you can use it to make money

How to use Facebook to Make Money Facebook is big, Facebook is popular and Facebook is something you should be thinking about if you want to generate money. They say that finding new customers is hard, and I can sympathies with that feeling. However in the case of social networking, facebook appears to be doing very well […]

Jurors sent to prison for using Internet in Trials

In cases where a defendant is tried by jury, each juror is expected to uphold the laws of the country as part of their service, they are expected to remain impartial and act on the evidence presented within the trial. Anonymity within the process is essential to a fair trial.  If Jurors are feeling threatened by the […]

Girl banned from Internet after 21K Party invite

In what many would see as a comical party invite, a young girl has managed to generate a 21,000 guest list by inviting people to her birthday party on facebook. The young girl had not understood the privacy settings on the site causing her to generate an open public event instead of a private one […]

Cant get onto Facebook, perhaps your on orange?

Reports of troubles accessing Facebook by Orange Mobile customers suggest that Facebook has started to ban a significant a mount of IPs from the Orange ISP IP Pool. This highlights the problems associated with using IP as a means to block trouble makers – quite often the IP used belongs to others not just the […]

Google attacks Skype

Google has decided to expand their portfolio again. Instead of purchasing the competition like they usually do they are just completing directly. Rivals Skype with their online calling capabilities are facing competition from the newly launched Google Phone service. From your google mail account you can now place phone calls. Some industry analysts have questioned […]

Bank of Google to open soon

Google as we all know are planning something big. But in the latest acquisition it could reveal a lot about the company plans. Google has already been dabbling in the financial industries market in the form of Google Checkout. A service which is proving popular with new business looking to start accepting cards for their […]