Facebook Places in the UK

Facebook PictureFacebooks latest extension is launching over the next few days here in the UK. The Places technology was put online on the US Facebook site about a month ago. They must be happy with the performance with it to decide to expand already to other markets.Moreover, the service from today will be available to the rest of Europe

Designed to support businesses for example allowing Facebook users to check in at restaurants and seems to support tracking of users geographically so you can even tell if your friends are nearby! How spokey. As always with Facebook, when users check in , it’ll post into their feed and the relevant location’s recent activity. In addition to whats already been added it will be possible to add new establishments that are not already on the selection.

From my browser, the service doesnt seem all that powerful, its really like clicking and typing in your normal status update feild. Perhaps on smart phones wtih GPS or the iPhone app, the location management can be a little more automatic then at least it would serve some kind of purpose.

The Telegraph


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