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demon popeThe pope has been here in the UK for less than a day, and he’s already earned my disfavour and I’m miles away from the events hes doing. That and numerous other people. Allegedly, he comes in peace, much like the aliens in Independence Day?

Linking Atheism and Nazism muchlike catholism and demonism really in a speach shortly after arriving in the UK, the Pope earned the disrespect of the British Humanism Society. I know many Atheists and, ignoring knowing Of the BNP, I do not know any Nazi’s. There is clearly no relationship between Atheism and Nazism.

I noticed when it was being blasted over the TV endlessly, all day every slightest thing he done that the Pope is not required to do hymns during the mass. Surely as leader he should be singing and dancing his way through the crowd showing them the spirit or something? Even his pathetic waving seemed to be forced, although not as bad as HM The Queen style Waves.

To make a mockery of the pope, the visit apparently was at the invitation of the Queen, not the Church thus making this a state visit, the first such visit by a pope since the start of the 80’s. The converted mercedes weighing in at a cool £75K is heavily customized as you can tell from the golf-cart appearance to it and equipped with bulletproof shields just in case his many enemies decide to attack him.

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