A Small victory over the BBC

The BBC’s license grants it the right to increase the cost of the TV license annually even if they do not provide an increase in benefits or service or quality associated with the rise. Naturally we still don’t have the right to a competitor to avoid paying the license which with any hope could be challenged in the European courts as any competitive.

Today however the culture secretary was pleased with the proposal made by the BBC to not increase it for the next year. No decision has yet been made about the 2012-2013 session yet. However if they do not increase it during this time, it is reported they will see a loss of £144 million. The culture minister should perhaps go a step further and propose plans to scrap the TV License altogether.

This has been an exciting week for the BBC with two senior figures leaving, one of which heading towards Channel 4. Staff are considering strike action against the BBC over changes in the pension scheme. However, given that we the ones whom ultimately pay for their wages, it should be ruled criminal for them to strike.

If they want better conditions of employment they should encourage management to seperate the BBC from the State and setup an independant TV company based on the principles of supply and demand.  Sort of what Sky, Virgin, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and ITV do.

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