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  • Should the BBC be allowed to Strike

    Have you ever heard of a Government going on strike? I didn’t think so. Surely they should not be allowed to do so.  However the BBC wants to strike. We the tax payer pays for the entire organization even if we don’t use the services which they provide. The BBC is in talks to go […]

  • A Small victory over the BBC

    The BBC’s license grants it the right to increase the cost of the TV license annually even if they do not provide an increase in benefits or service or quality associated with the rise. Naturally we still don’t have the right to a competitor to avoid paying the license which with any hope could be […]

  • BBC License, buy one, buy another the same price.

    With the Government spending review taking money out of services such as the police and the BBc wanting to get even more money out of us, surely now is the time to reconsider the BBC TV License Fee. Scrapping it would save the national budget £2.9Billion a year. In business it is important to understand […]

  • BBC Reporter seals mobile data

    The BBC freshly out of criticism over both the value of the tv license and the loss of significant quantities of equipment by incompetent staff have released an article on how easy it is to hack mobile phones. The topic may be exaggerated, as the reporter was doing it for journalistic purposes. However the worry […]