BBC License, buy one, buy another the same price.

Anti TV License With the Government spending review taking money out of services such as the police and the BBc wanting to get even more money out of us, surely now is the time to reconsider the BBC TV License Fee. Scrapping it would save the national budget £2.9Billion a year.

In business it is important to understand when to stop what your doing – if you cant turn a profit and are constantly operating at a loss then there is simply no point in attempting to continue to trade. The BBC brings in just above 0.5Billion a year from commercial assets. However, it gets propped up by an additional 3Billion a year. Consequently, it means the BBC is making around 2.5Billion a year losses.

Now I wont criticize the Technical Director for wanting to commercialize its services the problem however is he wants to commercialize without getting rid of the backing of the state.  Due to a loophole, it is possible to watch BBC Services from the iPlayer without actually needing to have a tv license. The technical director however, wants to make it so that the iPlayer must have its own license. So even if you have a BBC License, you still need to pay again to access the content.

In a recent appearance on the BBC, culture minister Jeremy Hunt has indicated that he thinks that the BBC should waive their normal 3% increase in the cost of the TV License.

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