US self appointed as gaurdian of the internet

Camera Pointing to a SignSecurity is an important aspect of all technological advancement in this day and age. Quite possibilly then to fathom the concept of a Government runnning the security of something as huge as the Internet is unconceiviable.

However that is exactly what the United States wants. National Security Agency Director, Gen. Keith Alexander has indicated that the United States should take the responsibility of making the internet secure.

“We made the Internet” he states, funny, when I was in University, we always thought that scientests created the internet not a Defense Agency. Isnt Tim Berners-Lee, an englishman, most often citied as inventor of the Internet?

Come to think of it, arent they responsible for securing the United States from national threats, like 9/11, or the security breaches at the Department of Defense and NASA by McKinnon  and the infected USB Drive in 2008 that caused problems in the DoD as well.

Continuing, he states that the task ahead is huge. Well, yeah of course its huge have you seen how well your agency secures things so far? You need a huge force just to fix the internal problems you have before even looking at other US Government Agencies, to say nothing about international security of hostile states.

He also states that citizens of the United States take an interest in government’s activities towards securing the internet and security of government agencies as a whole. So do I, in fact, I honestly doubt there is anyone who doesn’t. Lets face it with the number of security breaches associated with Government, we must keep a very close eye on what they are doing. Don’t want them selling the nuclear launch codes on eBay now do we?


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