Should the BBC be allowed to Strike

BBC LogoHave you ever heard of a Government going on strike? I didn’t think so. Surely they should not be allowed to do so.  However the BBC wants to strike. We the tax payer pays for the entire organization even if we don’t use the services which they provide.

The BBC is in talks to go on strike during the Conservative Party conference due to start next week. Perhaps there will be more interesting politics coming out of that than came out of the Labour party conference that has caused chaos across Manchester this week.

Ed Miliband has called on the BBC to not cause a blackout of coverage for its viewers during this time. It is in the interest of fairness he states.

The BBC being fully funded by the state should be prevented by law from actually going on strike or as an alternative, we should get a refund of our TV License fee for the time they will be on strike. I am sure that the BBC will conveniently “forget” this idea however as they know we cant easily enforce justice against them.

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A Small victory over the BBC

The BBC’s license grants it the right to increase the cost of the TV license annually even if they do not provide an increase in benefits or service or quality associated with the rise. Naturally we still don’t have the right to a competitor to avoid paying the license which with any hope could be challenged in the European courts as any competitive.

Today however the culture secretary was pleased with the proposal made by the BBC to not increase it for the next year. No decision has yet been made about the 2012-2013 session yet. However if they do not increase it during this time, it is reported they will see a loss of £144 million. The culture minister should perhaps go a step further and propose plans to scrap the TV License altogether.

This has been an exciting week for the BBC with two senior figures leaving, one of which heading towards Channel 4. Staff are considering strike action against the BBC over changes in the pension scheme. However, given that we the ones whom ultimately pay for their wages, it should be ruled criminal for them to strike.

If they want better conditions of employment they should encourage management to seperate the BBC from the State and setup an independant TV company based on the principles of supply and demand.  Sort of what Sky, Virgin, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and ITV do.

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BBC License, buy one, buy another the same price.

Anti TV License With the Government spending review taking money out of services such as the police and the BBc wanting to get even more money out of us, surely now is the time to reconsider the BBC TV License Fee. Scrapping it would save the national budget £2.9Billion a year.

In business it is important to understand when to stop what your doing – if you cant turn a profit and are constantly operating at a loss then there is simply no point in attempting to continue to trade. The BBC brings in just above 0.5Billion a year from commercial assets. However, it gets propped up by an additional 3Billion a year. Consequently, it means the BBC is making around 2.5Billion a year losses.

Now I wont criticize the Technical Director for wanting to commercialize its services the problem however is he wants to commercialize without getting rid of the backing of the state.  Due to a loophole, it is possible to watch BBC Services from the iPlayer without actually needing to have a tv license. The technical director however, wants to make it so that the iPlayer must have its own license. So even if you have a BBC License, you still need to pay again to access the content.

In a recent appearance on the BBC, culture minister Jeremy Hunt has indicated that he thinks that the BBC should waive their normal 3% increase in the cost of the TV License.

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TV License fee lost us £240K

In the latest security blunder, this time at the hands of the BBC, Laptops and Mobiles worth the value of £240,000 have went missing. Security firm Absolute Software made a freedom of information request and discovered the shocking numbers.

In two years, the bcc have managed to lose:

  1. 146 Laptops, £219,000
  2. 65 Mobile Phones, £12,913
  3. 17 Blackberries, £9,106

These are very shocking numbers especially at the price paid out per laptop why do the bcc need such high end laptops anyway?

Only a few of these items were recovered brining the overall loss down by £23,450, but it yet again iterates that the weakest point in the security infrastructure is the people. Stop leaving laptops of confidential information in the car!

So in effect the BBC has thrown away 1,656 TV Licenses. This must stop, there are campaigns aimed at stopping this devious license fee.

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