TV License fee lost us £240K

In the latest security blunder, this time at the hands of the BBC, Laptops and Mobiles worth the value of £240,000 have went missing. Security firm Absolute Software made a freedom of information request and discovered the shocking numbers.

In two years, the bcc have managed to lose:

  1. 146 Laptops, £219,000
  2. 65 Mobile Phones, £12,913
  3. 17 Blackberries, £9,106

These are very shocking numbers especially at the price paid out per laptop why do the bcc need such high end laptops anyway?

Only a few of these items were recovered brining the overall loss down by £23,450, but it yet again iterates that the weakest point in the security infrastructure is the people. Stop leaving laptops of confidential information in the car!

So in effect the BBC has thrown away 1,656 TV Licenses. This must stop, there are campaigns aimed at stopping this devious license fee.

The Guardian
Anti TV License Campaign
BBC News


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