MP Blackmailer of 38Degrees

In what seems to be the latest scandal involving a British Member of Parliament, Dominic Raab, Conservative MP for Esher & Walton has threatened action against the campaign group 38Degrees.

38Degrees are a campaign group campaigning for many things, most notably they were a leading campaigner against the bill proposed by the Evil Lord Mandelson: The Digital Economy Bill. They currently are in support of the Alternative Voting Method. They operate a quite legitimate and helpful website for communicating with your local MP.

MP, Dominic RaabHowever on, the now infamous Dominic Raab has declared he doesn’t want to be contacted by constituents. Hey wait a minute, Isnt that his job to listen to the people he reportedly serves?

MPs must realise that when elected they must put up with the consequences of the job. If they are not prepared to listen to the needs and wishes of the people whom put them in their job why bother running for the election at all. Of course, I am not surprised that he doesn’t want to listen: he is a conservative MP after all.

In an attempt at blackmail, he threatened to make a complaint about the 38Degrees site to the Information Commissioner whom oversees personal data in accordance to the Data Protection Act. However the website have already been in contact with the Information Commissioner and have been told they are not likely to be in breach of the Data Protection Act.

So in future, remember this at this next election: Dominic Raab Does not want to be contacted you probably should not vote for him either (or the conservatives for that matter).

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