Laptop Repairer Sent to Jail

ComputersSky News have been conducting an undercover investigation into a computer repair company it seems. They modified a laptop to record all activities by the engineer and have a webcam record his activities. The result was very disturbing.

Having completed the original repair to the memory, it was discovered that he took some time out to browse through the files on the laptop. Doing so he found copies of photos, Login Details for Facebook, eBay and even her online bank details. Granted, those probably should not have been on there from a security point of view anyway.

To further implicate himself, the repair engineer known as Grzegorz Zachodni then attempted to access said bank details 6 times unsuccessfully. Quite possibly to his surprise, he found himself arrested and charged with attempted fraud to which he received a 9 month prison sentence.

It once again highlights the importance of security of laptops and other portable devices. When you get your password in, memorize it and destroy the original notification instead of saving it in a clear text form on your laptop which is liable to fall into the hands of the enemy.



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