United States looking for internet censorship

I recently criticized the UK Government over the IE6 browser not being upgraded and general security breaches of astronomical scales. Now it is the turn of the United States to be criticized, again.

“Wikileaks.org should be shut down by any means necessary.”

US Government Conservative Representative

Of course, I am not surprised that a conservative wants to shut down the Internet site by any means necessary lets face it the US Conservatives are trigger happy maniacs ready to shoot anything that doesn’t agree with them. Lets face it, some of the documents released on that site about the Afghanistan war have apparently left many Americans thinking the war was a mistake. US policy is to hide up the facts rather than simply admit they were wrong and try to leave the war as quickly as possible.

However, its time for them to wake up and smell the modern world. The Internet is here, and it is not the domain of the United States Government no matter how much they want to control it.

“The military is telling the troops they cannot even view what is publicly available, even though the WikiLeaks documents are on hundreds of websites.”

There are other nations that insist on censorship such as Afghanistan and China. It seems that the United States is keeping in good company with its friends such as them.

The Demand

The US Department of Defense has demanded that Wikileaks remove, delete and return all documents that they have classified. This being the property of the United States Government. Given that the main server that is being used is hosted in Sweden, Not USA they are likely to face a tough time of bringing it down lawfully.

I completely understand that the information may indeed be classified and should not have been leaked in the first place but that is the lesson that Governments need to learn. The weakest link in the government is the Government. Remove the Government and there wont be any more leaks of Government documents! Beef up security, stop using ancient software, ensure your staff are trained and vetted.

Washington Times

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