Shadows of an old era are fading

Jack Straw and the Demon Head Master Jack Straw has announced his intention to not be a part of the Shadow Cabinet. Perhaps this is so he can continue his role as Demon Head Master?

During his career he has served in many political positions at the time of the Iraq war he was foreign secretary and failed to convince the UN of the need to goto war.

Interestingly in the position of Home Secretary he brought in the Human Rights Act presumably to cover up an under laying agenda of being evil. Later he was prepared to put the fight against terrorism above and beyond the civil liberties of the people.

In one of his final acts as a major player in the political field, he will be leading the opposition against the Referendum on the Alternative Vote system.

It is his intention to, as so many political people do, write his memoirs of his time in government. However he says he wishes to write it in a different way from the others. It should be readable, and he does not approve of breaking confidences. This must be completely the opposite of Lord Mandelson.

In releated news, Alistair Darling, Alister Darlingthe former Chancellor whom could not even co-ordinate his hair and eyes into one shade let alone run a national budget has also announced his resignation. Earlier this year after investigations into his conduct began, he resigned from the Faculty of Advocates. Which had been triggered over the expenditure claims on his second and third homes (Edinburgh and London). With a chancellor operating expenses like that, is it any wonder why Britain is broke?

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