Julian Assange Arrested – Eyes shift to Watch Sweden

<a href="http://www achat cialis france.whitebunnywabbit.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Flickr_JulianAssange-klein.jpg”>The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has officially been arrested in the United Kingdom under an European Arrest Warrant issued by the Swedish authorities over sexual crimes. Assange has of course denied the allegations. The real question is how will the case play out, being now a high profile defendant, people […]

Arrest Warrent issued for Wikileaks Founder

Late last night Swedish prosecution service issued an arrest warrant for the founder of the wikileaks website that recently came under criticism from the United States for publishing content about the Afghan war. Julian Assange is wanted on suspician of rape and molestation by the authorities and they are encouraging him to come in for […]

United States looking for internet censorship

I recently criticized the UK Government over the IE6 browser not being upgraded and general security breaches of astronomical scales. Now it is the turn of the United States to be criticized, again. “Wikileaks.org should be shut down by any means necessary.” US Government Conservative Representative Of course, I am not surprised that a conservative […]