Julian Assange Arrested – Eyes shift to Watch Sweden

<a href="http://www achat cialis france.whitebunnywabbit.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Flickr_JulianAssange-klein.jpg”>Julian AssangeThe founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has officially been arrested in the United Kingdom under an European Arrest Warrant issued by the Swedish authorities over sexual crimes. Assange has of course denied the allegations. The real question is how will the case play out, being now a high profile defendant, people are going to watch carefully how Sweden plays this out.

The slightest suspicion that this case has really been brought around by the United States would seriously damage the Swedish Government’s international reputation.

According to Reuters he turned himself in – possibly on the advice of his legal team which would show confidence in their ability to secure a not guilty verdict in the allegations made against him. Now that he has formally been arrested he will be brought in front of magistrates to have an extradition hearing date set. It is a requirement that this occurs within 21 days of his arrest. The outcome of said hearing will determine weather or not he is extradited to Sweden for them to conduct their trial against him.

His Swedish Lawyer has stated he will fight the extradition so if he is ordered to be extradited at the hearing it is likely an appeal will be made in Britain to the court of appeal so it is likely to tie up the case in the justice system for months before getting anywhere. The Swedish lawyer has indicated he believes that foreign influence[which is of course widely believed to be the United States] have an unjustified influence over the Swedish government in this case. If this is the case there is a good chance that the judge here may rule that extradition might breach his Human Rights and consequently deny the extradition to Sweden on these grounds.


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