Arrest Warrent issued for Wikileaks Founder

Wikileaks FounderLate last night Swedish prosecution service issued an arrest warrant for the founder of the wikileaks website that recently came under criticism from the United States for publishing content about the Afghan war.

Julian Assange is wanted on suspician of rape and molestation by the authorities and they are encouraging him to come in for questioning over the suspicions.

He not surprisingly has denied the allegations and has attempted to push the interest away by claiming that these are related to the aforementioned released documents. The claims are forgeries setup to ‘get him’. He also indicated that they have been warned of ‘dirty tricks’ by the US particularly in the case of one conservative Senator who declared: “Wikileaks must be taken offline by any means necessary”. So there is at least a possibility that US Senators have conspired to arrange for this public relations incident.

He had been in Sweden to obtain a license which would offer him and the website the legal protection of Swedish law as a publishing website.This will come as a blow to the US campaign to bring down the website. Likewise if the allegations have been a result of US intelligence operations, this will have a negative impact on their attempts to take down the website; once again the website has received high publicity and has plans to reveal another 15K documents.

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