Piracy not as popular as games!

Video Gaming ClubThis might come as a shock to the recording industries association of America RIAA but in studies it has been shown that people are actually spending more time playing games than actually downloading music.

Online gamers have for most consoles the ability to make use of online music and television services such as iPlayer and Beep ITV will soon join the club by becoming available on the PlayStation.Official statistics from the BBC have indicated that the biggest console for its free service is the PlayStation weighing in at 60%.

The trend is moving away from traditional media towards freely available services. This is an important part of the business model of many business whom have successfully ventured onto the world of the Internet. Gaining money through support services and advertising has long been established as a successful way of generating revenue from the Internet.

The numbers suggest that perhaps the RIAA and others will finally achieve what they have wanted: an end to piracy. Most likely they did not count on it also being an end to music sales in the same objective. With content on these services readily available at no extra charge why would consumers wish to purchase a ‘legitimate’ version of the music anymore?


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