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  • Ireland: 3 Strikes and out is just not good enough.

    The UK Parliament chaired by the dark Lord Mandelson forced through the Digital Economy BillĀ  designed to give the music industry severe power over the Internet has today received a major blow to the credibility of the act. A Judge at a High Court in Ireland has ruled that the 3 strikes rule just is […]

  • ISPs angry at having to foot the bill of legal action against their customers

    Once again the digital economy bill is rearing its ugly head. This time, ISPs are facing the ugly prospect of on behalf of rights holders. Quite why an ISP should be forced to pay for some one else to take legal action against their own customers is beyond me. The government should voluntarily provide the […]

  • Piracy not as popular as games!

    This might come as a shock to the recording industries association of America RIAA but in studies it has been shown that people are actually spending more time playing games than actually downloading music. Online gamers have for most consoles the ability to make use of online music and television services such as iPlayer and […]