DELL and HP to sink into the darkness

HP and Dell Image Of the major manufacturers of PC systems only DELL and HP really remain IBM have long since left the market as a mainstream PC vendor and those that have survived this long have been bought over by one of the two companies.

They must however be worried. You’ve heard the talk of Cloud computing by now, and given that HTC’s Desire has more processing power than my old Linux machine, it is clear that the mobile platform is starting to pick up speed.

But what does that mean for the giants of HP and DELL?

The solution seems that both companies plan to jump onto the bandwagon of the two new technologies at least at some point in the future. HP have purchased Palm and Dell have purchased 3Par putting them in a position to enter cloud computing markets. But neither provider are really there yet in the mean time they both seem quite happy to keep to their core business and watch whats going on. But if they don’t keep a close eye and prepare for whats coming both could see them-self fade into the distant past like so many other big firms have done.

The storm has already begun can they fend off the weather?


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