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  • Papal 2010: What the people think.

    So the Pope has returned back from whenst he came. Now the news might go back to something other than watching his every move. Now we see the things that happened in the last four days beyond the pope being rapidly read on the news so they may catch up with today’s news. The guardian […]

  • Just a man, nothing to see here move along now

    The pope has been here in the UK for less than a day, and he’s already earned my disfavour and I’m miles away from the events hes doing. That and numerous other people. Allegedly, he comes in peace, much like the aliens in Independence Day? Linking Atheism and Nazism muchlike catholism and demonism really in […]

  • Church: We dont want the pope here!

    According to BBC News, a 60-strong force of religious representatives of the Free Presbyterian Church, will be coming to Scotland in order to officially protest against Pope Benedict XVI’s visit later this month. The church has published a booklet to explain their reasons for protesting against the pope, although I am sure there are many […]