Church: We dont want the pope here!

Demon PopeAccording to BBC News, a 60-strong force of religious representatives of the Free Presbyterian Church, will be coming to Scotland in order to officially protest against Pope Benedict XVI’s visit later this month.

The church has published a booklet to explain their reasons for protesting against the pope, although I am sure there are many reasons more than just in the book to have a reason to object to the pope. Objecting to the fact that the Pope’s own church is divided amongst its self over the actions of its own priests.

Part of their objections focuses around attacks by members of the church on children and one of the protesters have had a discussion with many people which have claimed their own children have been subjected to it.

In a survey conducted, 52% of 500 Catholics felt that the abuse of children by the church has shaken their faith in Catholicism. In the same survey, 72% were found to believe that the visit by the pope would help the Catholic church in the UK.

In related news, Opus Dei, has claimed that Britons are uneducated in Religion  and ignorant. Going on to indicate that the papal visit will be a profit bringer for host cities, isn’t making money against catholic views anyway? Loss of faith in religion is only the natural step of progression and understanding.

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