UK Goverment Cancels the Queen

Big Ben and ParliamentIt seems there is definitely efforts with the coalition government to improve the political system within the UK. A bill passing through its second reading today is aimed at providing a fixed general election of every five years. This is apposed to the current system whereby parliament must call an election by the end of the fifth year but could happen any time during it.

The Fixed Term Parliament Bill, was sponsored by Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg in his role as deputy prime minister. The bill should it come to pass will set out that the general election will be on  May 7 2015. Subsequently every 5 year term following. It has been proposed that the parliamentary sessions be five 12 month sessions. However in may, they brought in an 18month legislative session. Now, they have proposed to cancel the Queens 2011 speech till the outcome of the bill has been decided. This would push the speech forward to 2012.

This is likely to produce much more interesting election campaigns; no longer will governments be able to call a general election with only a few weeks notice. Every party will know for the full session when the election is going to be, they can prepare and spread their efforts across the whole country.

The Guardian
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