Her Majesties Head Could Come Off…

… the stamps of the postal service. You might not think that this is an important element of the post system but the main postal operator, the Royal Mail is a Royal service which is why Her Majesties head is on postal stamps. In the event that plans to privatize the Royal Mail are pushed […]

500K job losses, 15Million bonus for Queen seems fair ?

The chancellor seems to be set on making himself the most infamous chancellor ever to ruin, ahem I mean run the Treasury. Having quickly done a spending review and hastily decided to get rid of over 500K jobs from the civil service, and wiping out billions from the UK economy, he is now prepared to […]

UK Goverment Cancels the Queen

It seems there is definitely efforts with the coalition government to improve the political system within the UK. A bill passing through its second reading today is aimed at providing a fixed general election of every five years. This is apposed to the current system whereby parliament must call an election by the end of […]

No tea with the Queen for Mr Griffin

Many of you by now have likely heard that as a Member of the European Parliament, Mr Griffin, head of the barbaric fascist, racist  organization known as the BNP had been invited to the Queens Tea Party today. Many including myself thought that this should never have happened. I am pleased that reports are comming […]