Her Majesties Head Could Come Off…

Royal Mail 1st Class Stamp … the stamps of the postal service.

You might not think that this is an important element of the post system but the main postal operator, the Royal Mail is a Royal service which is why Her Majesties head is on postal stamps. In the event that plans to privatize the Royal Mail are pushed ahead with, then there is the chance that the new organization may wish to remove the Queens head from postage stamps.

Buckingham Palace has been in negotiations with ministers to ensure that the head should remain stuck on the stamp should the privatization go ahead. To think that with a multi billion pound deficit and international wars on multiple fronts that the Queen thinks her head being on a stamp is an important issue to take up ministers time with. I for one support removing the queens head even if privatisation doesn’t go ahead.

The legislation set forth for privatisation requires that any organizations which wish to use the monarch’s head must get royal approval first cialis generic efficace. But the business secretary indicates there is no perogative in the legislation that mandatorily requires them to even use the image of the monarch at all.


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