500K job losses, 15Million bonus for Queen seems fair ?

Offshore WindfarmThe chancellor seems to be set on making himself the most infamous chancellor ever to ruin, ahem I mean run the Treasury.

Having quickly done a spending review and hastily decided to get rid of over 500K jobs from the civil service, and wiping out billions from the UK economy, he is now prepared to fire a 15% profit from the Crown Estates to the Royal Family. That works out as an estimated £38 Million a year for the Queen.

Experts expect that the projected extension of offshore wind farms is to grow significantly over the years which using the new way to fund the Queen, will see their annual income significantly multiply. Despite this, the general public will be funding it – it is expected that household energy bills will increase to fund the expansion of the wind farm network. Surely then it would be more viable for the Queen to bankroll the venture personally if she is to make a profit from it!

The Mirror


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