David Cameron’s plan to fix the UK to be unveiled.

David Cameron British Prime MinisterLater on today a number of high ranking MPs are expected to announce various things to ensure that the economy actually survives the massive blow it’s taking from the spending review.

Despite cutting over 500K jobs, and removing the wages from each of them, they think they can help the UK grow. Many experts are worried about the risk of a double recession. It is possible that the government is about to announce the most catastrophic failure of all time, or the greatest achievement of a government in many years.

They are looking at innovation centers linking business with universities – a system used in germany and championed by Dyson – as in the vacum cleaner inventor. The problem I see with that is that many in the UK are technophobic and with previous risk to innovation made by cuts and top-up fees, will there be enough modern research left to convert it into a useful commercial venture.

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