Britain will not attack Syria

United Kingdom Will not attack Syria
United Kingdom Will not attack Syria

David Cameron suffered a set back in his plans to Attack Syria.

David Cameron was last night suffering from a massive defeat in the House of Commons. Having ordered MPs back for an emergency session, aimed at supporting British involvement in possible military action against the Syrian government.

There has been some harsh criticism of the government wishing to rush into Syria without learning from the last wars which we rushed into (Iraq, Afganistan).

With tensions high and to say the least the situation in the Middle East is less than clear cut, we should not be rushing in to any military action without having clear knowledge of why we’re doing it. Recently I read an article which tried to explain the middle east in a textual context. I converted this into a spiders web of a flow chart and I can assure you that from that diagram, it is most certainly not clear cut who is trying what there.

Metro, 30/08/2013.

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Shut down social networking to help looters: David Cameron.

David Cameron vows never to use intelligence again.

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. “- Sun Tzu

Cyber SecurityDavid Cameron has suggested that police need to have the power to shut down vital lines of communication such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The power should be used only in the event of a major incident. Naturally he is being vague as to what constitutes a major incident.

These plans are very disturbing, the amount of information which can be gathered through these channels is extensive. For a prime minister to suggest cutting off communications and vital intelligence gathering channels is worrying.

The path he sees before us is a worrying one. It starts with limitation of communication and free speech and ends in 1984.

Social Networking Is actively used for Crime Prevention

What the prime minister needs to realize is that whilst it may be used for organizing criminal activity, it is also a channel that should be used by the intelligence services to protect the civilian population.


Nick Griffin votes NO to AV, will you join him or will you vote for change?

Nick Griffin Votes No to AVWhat does Nick Griffin, David Cameron and Adolf Hitler have in common?

Thats right, they all supported first-past-the-post electoral system. They belive that a strong government where one party has most of the seats in the parliament is the only way to run a nation. Its true, Hitler had a very strong government, so strong in fact that anyone whom voted against him did not survive.

The No2Av campaign would have you belive that by voting for a new form of democracy, where the majority of people need to vote for their representative in parliament would only benefit the BNP. Why then is it that Nick Griffen as leader of the BNP is planing to vote no, along with the current prime minister?

The interesting thing about the split between parties of government is that senior labour political figures are on both the Yes and No campaign side. This is unprecedented in british politics – political figures that are standing up to be counted for something they belive in not the colour of the team they belong to. Perhaps the people of Britain might consider this when deciding where they should place their vote. After all, you wont be voting for the colours this time, you are voting to decide on the technical means of deciding who shall be elected as your local representative in parliament.

The No campaign have claimed that Clegg has switched side and suddenly now supports AV, naturally of course they have taken this completely out of context. He was likely refering to converting to proportional representation instead – AV is indeed a limited form of this so it is a comprimise either way its an improvement over first past the post.

Daily Mail

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Cameron: I am the Law.

David Cameron British Prime MinisterIn a train of thought that disturbingly rings an echo of Chancellor Palpatine with his solemn declaration that he is the Senate in the final star wars film or third dependent on how you want to look at it, David Cameron has really been showing his true colours since taking power of the parliament.

Justice, Legislative and Administrative, three distinct branches that make up the way our nation works. One should not interfere with each other and the prime minister should know and respect this. He does not however, he is the prime minister which put the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom up for consideration for to be scrapped. A serious decision that would return the power of the most powerful court of justice in the entire country return to the fingers of the house of lords. This should never be allowed to happen. It took the better part of a decade to finally separate justice and legislative branches of power and it must maintain this way. Cameron has been quoted stating things that show he does not wish this to be the case: “once again a ruling by a court that seems to fly completely in the face of common sense.”  in reference to the sex offenders registry.

He clearly things it is good to have people on the sex offenders list for life, really now is this the kind of world we want to bring people up in, when before the law sees children as being legally responsible they could be tarnished with being a Sex offender for the rest of their life? At 10 and 11 years old, surely the young boys cant seriously be considered to be as dangerous as repeat offending pedophiles? With a hint of common sense it is foreseeable that when they grow up and understand what they done  their attitude might be a little different.

Meanwhile, Nick Clegg showing a spark of intelligence admitted that the safety of the public will be unhindered by allowing sex offenders to appeal against being on the list and if deemed to be safe to society they shall be removed.

Daily Mail

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Just how involved was David Cameron in the telephone hacking

Police Commisioner and David CameronCould David Cameron be trying to cover up his involvement in the conspiracy of the telephone hacking that seems to have spread through many senior members of parliament.

Certainly if he was hoping to hide the whole situation it looks less than likely that he will be able to do so. Likewise the metropolitan police commissioner may want to keep his head out of the limelight for a while.

MPs are demanding an independent review of the police investigation which will most certainly ruffle some heads of the senior police and the heart of the government.

According Andrew Grice and Mark Hughes of the Independent, Son and Heir to the Rupert Murdock media empire, had a “private” dinner with Prime Minister Cameron. This just days after the Prime Minister striped Vince Cable of his power to decide upon weather James Murdock’s News Corporation to purchase the remaining 61% of BSkyB – which would give them total ownership.

The now resigned director of communication for downing street, Mr Coulson’s departure was hoped by many in the government that the whole matter would simply disappear.

The possible connection to the news empire and the prime minister could seriously jeopardise the trust and respect of the prime minister whom should have an aura of responsibility and neutrality about him.

The Independant

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David Cameron expected to confirm he’s ruined the UK Economy

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-212" title="David-Cameron1" src="×202.jpg" alt="David Cameron British Prime Minister" width="300" height="202" srcset="http://www fr×202.jpg 300w, 460w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />David Cameron is expected to announce a number of radical points in a speech today. They cover reforms to NHS and education which Britain is in desperate need of. The reforms will extend to justice as well, where the Conservatives already have a poor reputation with the removal of Legal aid services and threatening to close the Supreme Court down. Can they really be serious about taking a step towards a modern Britain – one which requires a honourable Justice System, an education system that people can actually afford to be educated in and a health care system which doesn’t cause patients to become more sick?

One of the reforms will see health care responsibilities devolved to the GP level, where by your local Doctor will be responsible for funding the practice from government funding instead of going via the Health Care Authorities. This of course can be translated into: Sack the Middle Management (more cuts are on the way).Surely It would be beneficial if a doctor spent his time, oh I dunno say curing people of illness?

Now let us imagine a world where public services are corporate entities , so your local council suddenly becomes your phone line provider as well. This is exactly the kind of world that David Cameron envisions with a white paper to be published this year seeing public sector to become privately ran … can anyone remember how that went the last time? I think it was something along the lines of ruin and disaster. Even charities can give a pitch in now to run the public sector albeit in the case of certain councils the council tax does seem to be a charity service rather than providing a real service to justify it so they might be an improvement there!

“There are things government does today that it will stop doing,” he will say”  – is he referring to thinking and work here?

The Telegraph

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Whats this, a conservative with a clue?

Iain Duncan SmithSurely this is a first time in the history of the conservative party. Reading about what he plans to do in order to fix the benefits system, the secretary of state for the department of work and pensions has perhaps spotted an important point.

Backed by the prime minister they seem to have worked out that benefits are nessesary for the average working person to survive the British Economy. David Cameron states: “It simply has to pay to work. You cannot have a situation where if someone gets out of bed and goes and does a hard day’s work they end up worse off.”

This is unfortunately the situation which has existed until now, which can really only be rectified by increasing the minimum wage. When people start earning enough that they can pay for the bills instead of having to claim benefits so they can be in a financially strong position to afford the council tax it is a bad sign. They however do not go so far as to indicate their plans to actually resolve the problem.

The first step to fixing a problem like this however is admitting there is a problem so there may be hope for this government after all. Until now the conservatives have been all about getting people off benefits, but without admitting this, all they have been trying to do is cut costs with no tangible means of changing the problem.

The Guardian

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David Cameron’s plan to fix the UK to be unveiled.

David Cameron British Prime MinisterLater on today a number of high ranking MPs are expected to announce various things to ensure that the economy actually survives the massive blow it’s taking from the spending review.

Despite cutting over 500K jobs, and removing the wages from each of them, they think they can help the UK grow. Many experts are worried about the risk of a double recession. It is possible that the government is about to announce the most catastrophic failure of all time, or the greatest achievement of a government in many years.

They are looking at innovation centers linking business with universities – a system used in germany and championed by Dyson – as in the vacum cleaner inventor. The problem I see with that is that many in the UK are technophobic and with previous risk to innovation made by cuts and top-up fees, will there be enough modern research left to convert it into a useful commercial venture.

The Gaurdian


Should the BBC be allowed to Strike

BBC LogoHave you ever heard of a Government going on strike? I didn’t think so. Surely they should not be allowed to do so.  However the BBC wants to strike. We the tax payer pays for the entire organization even if we don’t use the services which they provide.

The BBC is in talks to go on strike during the Conservative Party conference due to start next week. Perhaps there will be more interesting politics coming out of that than came out of the Labour party conference that has caused chaos across Manchester this week.

Ed Miliband has called on the BBC to not cause a blackout of coverage for its viewers during this time. It is in the interest of fairness he states.

The BBC being fully funded by the state should be prevented by law from actually going on strike or as an alternative, we should get a refund of our TV License fee for the time they will be on strike. I am sure that the BBC will conveniently “forget” this idea however as they know we cant easily enforce justice against them.

The Press Association


PM has nothing to do but move clocks

The United Kingdom is nearly a Trillion in debt, fighting wars with a military stretched to its limits on multiple fronts and facing loss of faith in the Government’s ability to govern the country.

Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister is considering moving clocks forward 1 hour on a permanent basis no more British Summer Time/ GMT switching.

So this means that the prime minister is spending more time worrying about if the mornings should be darker or lighter. The problem however is that in the north, this could mean permanent morning darkness all year round.

David Cameron and his government is going to seriously consider this vastly important issue. After all, its not like we have troops deying on the line in a war on terrorism, or have a national debt beyond that of any sane level.

The Mail