Prince Charming but no shiny armour

Prince William in Flight SuitPerhaps not fitted out in shiny armour, but a nice cosy and perhaps kinky flight suit, Prince William could soon be the one rescuing you should you be stranded out at sea.  Despite being second in line to the Throne, the prince has been training up for a career in the Royal Air Force.

Today however his training comes to an end. At a small ceremony the Prince, known in the force as Flight Lt. William Wales will receive a certificate and his  wings. Formally graduating from training to the regular service.

Stating that he loves flying he seems to be taking the opposite approach to flying than his younger brother, Prince Harry who is currently training to fly Apache Attack helicopters. So those of you with a yacht in the Irish sea (where the Prince is to serve) should better invest in a suit, you might be getting lifted to safety by a Prince you wouldn’t want to be seen in jeans around the future king now would you?

BBC News

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