Darling quits leaving stark warning about deficit

Alistor DarlingHe served under Gordon Brown as the Chancellor, now they are in opposition however he wants to wipe his hands clean of the problem. Leaving behind a financial disaster for the UK, Darling has warned the Labour party that they cant just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Instead they must deal with it, but its not his problem any more.

He made a point about speeches at the conference being hard for him, because of the difference between what he had to say and what they wanted to hear. Or in other words, the Labour party hasn’t got a clue whatsoever in how to deal with the deficit and he doesn’t feel like giving clues to his successor in the party – more likely he hasn’t a clue either.

Accusing the Coalition government he suggests that the previous government’s spending had nothing to do with the deficit it was all the Banker’s fault. Of course, given that the 2009 budget done by him saw the UK Government spend approximately £100 Million a year more than it earned, It is a disgrace for him to even suggest that poor financial management on the part of the government had nothing to do with it. What he needs is to go back to school and learn how to do accountancy. Spending more than you can afford has left many people (and even many countries) in serious financial problems. The collapse of the financial sector has indeed contributed to problems but they are not exclusively to blame for the deficit.

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