Goat Marrige calls from boys on twitter!

goat An alarming number of people have been posting on twitter about relationships with goats. Perhaps it is time for the law to be revised to open up marriage between the boys and the goats. It is in the interest of equal opportunities and equal rights of course!

In all seriousness hoewver, it turns out that Twitter is facing the second worm in the space of a week. It highlights the potential security issues associated with using Twitter, again. The users seem like they are not going to learn.

This time it was caused by basically the same flaw as the previous one with much the same effect. However this time the resulting messages seem to be all more or less the same content. The users of the site have realised they have been accidental posting humiliating content about their relationships with goats.

Given the nature of this threat and the similarity to the previous attack I wonder if this has been generated by the same hacker. Instead of merely hovering over the link this time you had to actually click on the link. The security aspects of preventing it need to be seriously considered by Twitter as part of a solid security review, and the sooner they start the better.


One response to “Goat Marrige calls from boys on twitter!”

  1. I’m a goatman. I love this idea of Goat marrige, how else am I supposed to get married? I need a young, hot, farmer boy to find me “sexy” and feed me oats. If you have children however I cannot accept, I have an ankle tag… unless they want to paint on it <3

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