AutoDesk FREE on iPad and iPhone.

autodesk cadAutoDesk has made a decision to return to supporting multiple platforms. In 1994 they dropped support for non Windows machines leaving many designers unable to get a hold of the industry leading software. However that has changed. The company has plans to release new versions for Apple based equipment.

Apple Desktop and Laptop users will benefit from AutoDesk they will however need to fork up a huge sum for it – the license fee will be the same as for Windows Users. This might make migration over to it on the slow side.To rectify that the company is prepared to allow transference of license between platforms.

Apple iPhone and iPad users however will finally see the benefit of their hugely expensive machines on hugely expensive contracts. AutoDesk will be available on both of these platforms for Free. Moreover the software is backwards compatible with older software’s saved files. I think it is a necessary  step to get users to use either package as with 15 years behind there’s going to be a lot of firms looking to conversion making the software work out the box with existing projects is essential to this process.

The strangest one is that it should also be compatible with iPod Touch machines. With a screen that small I doubt that it will be of much use to anyone.


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